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  • Exquisite Rotunda Structure kiosk copper & Carved stone bench seating columns
    Diameter 9 Feet 108”  and Height of 136” over 11 feet height
    Exquisite Rotunda Structure kiosk copper & Carved stone bench seating columns   Monumental Exquisite refined work King Charles X Period Rotunda  rotundus building structure with a circular ground plan covered by a large copper dome . Grand Estate structure I call it “ Rotonde D’amour “ the Temple of love music art . This Garden Landscape kiosk is an element of light architecture , intended for pleasure , it could be used as a belvedere or small garden pavilion open on all sides to enjoy the views and nature from all sides . 1824-1830 period of refined work from carving to proportions to the elegance of the Craftsman , all apparent on this structure.

    This kiosk built in your garden to host weddings build unforgettable memories and to host  performances by artists and concerts by musicians , or as a sculpture in the middle of a large water body lake pond , It has round Antique stone coping with 6 Carved hard stone pedestals , incredibly Caved with Family Crest coat of arms figures of beautiful Maidens and Lions , Regal birds etc..  holding in between 5 garden seat benches in stone supported by Double faced sitting Lions. On top of the pedestals , you will find 6 large Carved stone Columns with beautiful base and chapiteaux capitals of acanthus leaves Scrolls and Flowers , Mounted by a Large impressive crown of Hard stone again , Garlanded Girdlande with Tulips fruits and flowers with 3dimensional figures of Angelo putties with Mythical Winged Water horse mermaids Holding the Regal family crest with fleur de lys “ fleur-de-lis “ , and the Entire structure is covered with multi part imposing copper dome .

    Prized by the European nobility , it made it possible to admire the gardened landscape as well as to offer a concert stage or an open-air theater. Some would call it Gazebo cupola . in the 19th century the kiosk left the exclusive setting of the garden , to embellish the urban planning of the cities and  offer a roofed stage open and light for entertainment dances and parties . The kiosks erected in the gardens as a place of contemplation recreation thus doubled by a specific festive use . Terms used to describe it such as : chiosco , chioschi kieuchk or kiösk kušk . This pavilion during the 18th century, with the oriental influences in Europe made the kiosk an important element of the gardens , King Stanislas of Poland had a kiosk built to observe the splendid gardens of his Lunéville palace . 




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