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  • 15th C. Gothic Limestone Benitier Fountain Basin Candle Holder Sink Antiques LA
    Height: 44" Width: 25" Depth: 13 1/2" 
     15th Century Gothic Hand carved stone trough basin Benitier on a nicely carved Pedestal wall applique with a very nice textured surface with the original polychrome colors .
    This gothic Sculpted piece reflects the skill and vitality once achieved by the Gothic carvers. The flow, movement and crisp, clean lines. France was the starting point of the gothic. this piece has Strong Vertical pull with gables and the crocketts sticking out , the quatrefoil adorned by the trefoil . The coloring used on the stone to modify the light and to increase spiritual and heavenly experience of the worshipers . The elegant base with praiseworthy extension in the form of circular columnar upward carving . The craftsmen of the time weren’t stifled by rhythm they were free as individuals to create whatever detail they wanted within the overall plan laid out by the Master Carver. This gave Gothic decoration the charm and interest that we do not find in later styles and periods. In the carved ornamentation color played an important part in the Gothic period . Decoration inspired by local flora developed over the Gothic period. leaf motifs were less fanciful and portrayed simply. Later, they became more energetic. The muscular contrast of movement and flow created the wonderful effect of light and shade so prevalent in Gothic carving and sculpture that we can clearly see in this gothic piece. It could be stand alone as a decorative object or it could be used as a fountain basin / a planter or simply as it was used at a certain time as a candle holder . This Antique Stone vessel planter has a lot of charm history it will be a great touch to add beauty elegance and rustic feel , nice hand carvings in design and the geometry of the shape makes it a delightful element to decorate any space in your home , in a dining area a garden patio, or landscape . It could be mounted in an entryway as an architectural element or in a library Antique dealer Los Angeles CA west Hollywood Melrose Ave La Cienega Blvd . We have seen similar pieces used in a powder room or bathroom as sink , in a modern setting a farm house or traditional design this would be the piece to add to perfect touch of history and warmth Dimensions: Height: 44 in (111.76 cm)Width: 25.5 in (64.77 cm)Depth: 13.5 in (34.29 cm)
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  • 18th Century Stone Container Benitier
    18th Century Stone Container Benitier 

    Height: 23" 
    Width: 22" 
    Depth: 21" 

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  • 19th Century Restoration Louis XVIII-Charles X Limestone Baptistery From A Convent in Bourgogne

    19th Century Restoration Louis XVIII-Charles X Limestone Baptistery

    From A Convent in Bourgogne With a Zinc Cover

     Height: 60" 

    Width: 26" 

    Depth: 26" 

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  • Good Italian Baroque Marble Front late 17th C.
    Good Italian Baroque Variegated Marble Front 
    Late 17th Century Early 18th Century 

    Total Height: 30" 
    Width: 23" 
    Depth: 20" 

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