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  • 15th Century Gothic Stone Circular Set Of Stairs 9 Steps
    15th Century Gothic Stone Circular Set Of Stairs 9 Steps 

    Height: 68" 
    Width: 40" 
    Depth: 117" 
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  • Early Gothic Circular Staircase In Stone
    Early Gothic 12th/ 13th  Century Escalier A Vis 
    Circular Staircase In Stone 
    17 Steps 

    Height Each Step: 5 1/2"- 6 1/4" 
    Total Height about: 8 Feet 
    Width of Each Step: 48" -49" 

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  • Huge 17th C. Hand Carved Stone Niche pedestal decorative object Antique collector CA
    Rare late 17th early 18th Century Stone Niche From A Chateau Estate 
    In Provence 
    Height: 119"
    Width: 54"
    Depth: 26" 

    17th 18th century Rare hand carved stone Niche from a Chateau Estate Provence .  could be used as a fountain with a basin planter container in the front of it . Or simply with a sculpture or statue inside the niche or with a beautiful planter Anduze as you see in the additional pictures  . Freestanding sculpture as a decorative object in your garden . in an entryway as a focal point or even in a library . This antique historic piece  has a lot of charm . in simple modern  farmhouse traditional , Spanish Italian French contemporary design landscape , provincial . the geometry of the shape an architectural element to decorate exterior or interior to host a statue a wall mount , in a garden patio with flowers . Antique dealer Los Angeles CA Beverly hills West Hollywood La Cienega Melrose Ave  . used as a bathroom fixture  , the huge base pedestal could be used to mount your sculptures or art . It could be installed with a simple bronze spout creating wall fountain focal point .  Renaissance with the French coquille and the Roman Design on the freeze . A breathtaking monumental piece of art . 

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  • Very Rare 17th Century Niche
    Very Rare 17th Century Niche 
     In Bourgogne 

    Height: 24" 
    Width: 20" 
    Depth: 9" 
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