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  • 17thC/18th C. Tablas could be turned into Doors
    17th C./18th C. Wheat And Chaff Tabla 
    Used In Spain/ Portugal To separate the Wheat From The Chaff 
    They Could be Turned into Beautiful Doors. 

    Height: 75"-81"
    Width: 50"-60" 
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  • Painted Italian Doors In the Chinoiserie Style 1820-1830
    Painted Italian Doors In the Chinoiserie Style 1820-1830
    From a Villa In Genoa 

    Large Doors: 
    H: 87 1/2"      Large Doors Available 
    Width: 64" 

    Smaller Doors: 
    H: 87 1/2"           Small Doors SOLD
    Width: 40" 

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  • Rustic Antique Wrought Iron Driveway Garden Entrance Metal Gate for portal entry

    Height Approx. 94" Width 44 inches Thickness 1 inches Rustic Antique Wrought Iron Driveway Garden Entrance Metal Gate for portal entry , Circa 1890-1900 of hand-hammered and hand-wrought iron gates with scrolling decoration to the top and throughout. Outstanding ironsmith quality Done by the masters of the craft . There is surface rust as seen in the pictures and the video . you can feel the soul of the blacksmith's hammer across this Large Metal Gate.  

    No hinges present, which makes it easy for your installed to mount it the way you wish.  this work of Art have a very attractive and simple design.

    Large Antique Gate for your  Carved Stone Doorway Entryway Door surround portal . it will add the Charm needed for the stone portal frame for entrance door. Imposing and Grand Rustic for a special side garden or entrance of your home,  farm house , to elevate the architecture of your home.

    Architectural Decorative Elements to define an entrance of a garden . Antique dealer Los Angeles CA west Hollywood Beverly Hills La Cienega Blvd. Melrose Ave . landscape design décor. In one single piece which makes it easy to install . As seen in the pictures due to age have some rust chips losses etc.. but overall great condition. very versatile, can go with Spanish Italian French Mediterranean Provençal or any décor even in a modern design , A signature piece for your home and garden landscape .

    Variations with dimensions Height Approx. 94” Width 44 inches Thickness 1 inches 

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