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  • 17th Century Regal Flemish baroque Historical tapestry Royal court Antiques LA

    Height 10' 7"    Width: 15'

    Rare and Historical 17th century Flemish Baroque tapestry Period followed Renaissance and preceded Rococo and Neoclassical styles. The movement exuberant detail deep color grandeur to achieve a sense of awe. Court scene king queen receiving a Sultan with gifts. Style known in 17th century Rome then spread to France northern Italy Spain Portugal Austria Germany and Russia. The courts of Europe lavished on tapestries made in precious materials after designs by the leading artists of the day. Among the most prestigious figurative prized by the rich. An elaborate border of ribbon trophies pierced hearts gauntlets helmets and quivers of arrows contributions of Flemish French and Italian artists in unique and spectacular ways. Such Flemish weavers in the 1590 Paris industry Peter Paul Rubens for the Brussel workshops the Medici and Barberini manufactories in Florence and Rome the Gobelins Gobelin manufactory in Paris the Beauvais workshop and the renewed vigor of the Brussels industry. 45 rare tapestries made between 1590 and 1720 half of these derive from Flemish workshops. Staring at this work of art is the likes of listening to Bach Vivaldi Handel. Antique dealer Los Angeles La Cienega Melrose Ave. High End Art and Decorative elements interior design decor.

  • 17th Century Tapestry of The Americas Manufactured Royale De Felletin Antiques

    Height: 9' Width: 13' 7" 
    17th century tapestry of the AMERICAS manufactured: Royale De Felletin “The Americas” In a beautiful landscape composed of water exotic trees plants villages castles and Turkey birds. Very rich borders exceptional colors of wools and silk, their liveliness and contrast between darker tones and lighter the red orange Blue brings to this tapestry a lot of warmth. Turkey birds is what was imagined to be America This is an excellent example of the most beautiful tapestries called Americas woven in the workshops of the Manufacture Royale de FELLETIN signature appearing in the lower border. In the 17th century, the Aubusson and Felletin workshops received a state surge of interest. The royal edicts of King Louis XIV influence the production In 1664 the royal administration requested the Aubusson merchants manufacturers to bring enhancements to the tapestry ordered by King. Antique dealer Los Angeles West Hollywood Melrose Ave La Cienega. Wall Art gallery. High end interior design décor gift IDEA house warming for an office library entryway on top of a console on large wall design instead of panels During the 17th century Aubusson and Felletin distances themselves from one another. Felletin stayed faithful to Louis XIV as Aubusson weavers and their families gained Switzerland settled down in the Bern then in Germany and made the 18th century Aubusson we see on the market today.
  • A Franco Flemish 18th Century Verdure Tapestry
    A Franco Flemish
     18th Century Verdure Tapestry

    Height: 6' 11" 
    Width: 5' 11" 

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  • Austrian Needlework Panel
    Austrian Needlework Panel 
    Signed Gustav Prager 

    Height: 62" 
    width: 90" 

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  • Decorative 18th Century Tapestry Fragment
    Decorative 18th Century Tapestry Fragment 
    Lined And Fitted With Velcro Strips For Hanging 

    Height: 65" 
    Width: 51" 

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  • Early 18th Century Brussels Baroque Tapestry
    Early 18th Century Brussels Baroque 
    Pastoral Tapestry

    Height: 116" 
    Width: 99" 

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  • Spanish Silk & Wool Tapestry In The Manner Of Goya
    Spanish Silk & Wool Tapestry In The Manner Of Goya 
    After Design Of Jose Cameron 
    Manufacturer: Santa Barbara , MADRID 
    Late 18th Century 

    Height: 5' 3" 

    Width: 6' 4" 

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