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  • 17th Century Gilt Wood Columns
    Very Good Pair Of 17th Century 
    Gilt Wood Columns With Clusters 
    Of Grapes 

    Height: 62"
    Base: 12" X 12" 
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  • Antique Hand Carved Stone Garden Pillars Columns Posts & Base Pedestal Dealer LA
    21" Width and   Height: 118" Total  9 feet 10” 

    Antique Hand Carved Stone Garden Pillars Columns Posts & Base Pedestal Dealer LA . 18th Century Hand Carved Stone Garden Columns Architectural Elements Decorative As a pair to define an entrance of a garden , you can mount a light lantern in the center hanging from an Arch, attaching a sketch to create an entryway . As a single column to be placed in a garden as an architectural decorative element , focal point or to top it with a finial or mount a lantern or jardinière urn vase or sculpture.. You could use the columns or pillar around the pool as architectural element decorative and even in the center of your swimming pool . Or to create the front Ends of a pergola. Antiques dealer Los Angeles CA west Hollywood Beverly Hills La Cienega blvd. Melrose Ave . landscape design decor. the shaft of the column nicely carved with a capital and a base pedestal , In multiple pieces so it’s easy to adjust the height of these hand carved stone columns . they could be used as an entrance post to mount a lantern columns could be used to support wood beams in creating an outdoor seating area or the pool cabana . All columns due to age have some cracks chips losses etc. as seen in the pictures . but overall great condition. stone entry pillars entryway columns In a farm or elegant manicured landscape , Spanish Italian French Mediterranean Provençal or any décor even in a modern design , this pair is Very elegant with wonderful proportions and octagonal detailed precise Carving . A signature piece Sculpted stone for your home and garden landscape . 

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  • Onyx Column
    Beautiful Onyx Column

    Height: 36" 
    Diameter: 10"
    Base: 14" X 4" 
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  • Pair 17th Century Column
    Pair Of 17th Century Louis XIV 
    Corinthian Oak Columns

    Height: 59 3/4"
    Diameter: 10" 
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  • Pair 19th Century Fluted Columns
    Pair Of 19th Century Wood Fluted Columns 
    With Capitols Executed In Cast Iron 

    Height: 107" 
    Capitol: 18" X 18" 
    Base Diameter: 15" 
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  • Pair Cast Iron metal Columns posts base pedestal
    Pair Of Cast Iron Columns

    Height: 33"
    Base : 10" X 10" 
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