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  • 17/18th Century Terracotta Floor Tile From France

    These Tiles Are Old and Have Been Removed from Des Chateaux 

    and Old Country Houses In France.

    The Size Of The Tiles Vary Because They Were Hand Made, and the thickness may vary as well. 

    Same Goes for The Variation Of Colors.    SOLD

    Each tile is about 6" X 6" about 0.25 SF Each 

    We have about 10,000 To 12,000 Tile In Stock. 

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  • 18th Century Bricks
    Beautiful 18th Century Briquettes 

    Send Request for dimensions Availability    SOLD

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  • 18th Century Floor Tile Parquet Sealed
    Beautiful 17th and 18th Century Terracotta Floor Tile 
    Parquet, to Create the Old Charm of A Chateau 


    Each Tile is about 6" X 6" 
    We Have 10,000 to 12,000 Tile Available
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  • Beautiful 18th Century Fireplace Briquettes
    Beautiful 18th Century Briquettes 
    They Vary In Size and Dimensions 
    #342 #400 and #930  SOLD

    8 3/4"-9"    SOLD OUT  # 1060
    7 1/4"   SOLD OUT    #  1600
    10"       SOLD OUT    #680

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  • Extremely Rare 17th Century Louis XIII Flooring
    Extremely Rare 17th Century 1610-1643 Louis XIII Flooring Lot 
    From A Chateau In The Loire Valley 

    Lot Size 169 SF + 10 SF Of Border 

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  • Mix Of 16th to 18th Century Briquettes
    A Beautiful Mix and Use of 16th 17th and 18th Century 
    Briquettes, to create the old world Charm 


    Send Request for Dimensions and Availability 
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  • Rare Lot Of White Bricks Late 18th Century
    Rare Lot Of White Bricks Late 18th Century  
    LOT PARTIAL HOLD , Send a request for more info 
    Length 9 1/2"  - 9  3/4"
    Width 4 3/4" - 5"
    Thickness about 2" 
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