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  • 18th C. Louis XV Console Table Hunting Table Console Antiques Los Angeles CA LA

    Height: 31.5 in. (80.01 cm)Width: 67.5 in. (171.45 cm)Depth: 31 in. (78.74 cm)

    An exceptional large 18th century Louis XV chateau table console "Table a Gibier", circa 1760. With original carved marble top and all original elements. This beautiful table can serve as a console in an entryway, to place a bust and lamps. The furniture of the Louis XV period (1715-1774) is characterized by curved forms, lightness, comfort and asymmetry; it replaced the more formal, boxlike and massive furniture of the Style Louis XIV. From 1730 until about 1750, the period known as the first style, it was much more asymmetrical, ornate and exuberant, in the fashion called rocaille. From circa 1750 to the King's death in 1774, a reaction set in against the excesses of the rocaille. The Second Style of Louis XV showed the influences of Neoclassicism Betwewen 1755 and 1760, the forms of furniture and interior decoration began to change into what became known as the Second Style Louis XV, or the Style Transition. The rocaille decoration remained, but became more discreet and restrained.

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  • 18th C. Regence Console
    18th Century French Regence Bois D'ore Console 
    With Original Marble Top 

    Height: 32 1/2" 
    Width: 32 1/4" 
    Depth: 16 1/2" 
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  • 18th Century French Console
    Exquisite 18th Century French Period Marble Top Console 

    Height: 32" 
    Width: 32" 
    Depth: 18 1/4" 

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  • 18th Century Italian Baroque Console
    18th Century Italian Baroque Walnut 


    Height: 31" 
    Width: 53" 
    Depth: 16" 
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  • 18th Century Regence Console
    18th Century Regence Gilded Wood Console Table 
    With Original Marble Top 

    Height: 32" 
    Width: 50" 
    Depth: 23" 
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  • 19th C. Dresser Ormolu Burl Elm Toilette Table Jacob Desmalter JACOB D.R.MESLE
    Height: 64"   Width: 34"   Depth: 21" Early 19th Century Empire Ormolu Mounted  Burl Elm “Table de Toilette”

    19th C. Dresser Ormolu Burl Elm Toilette Table Jacob Desmalter JACOB D.R.MESLE  . Early 19th Century Empire Ormolu Mounted  Burl Elm “Table de Toilette” Estampille: Stamped:  Jacob Desmalter et Cie. JACOB D.R.MESLEE 1803-1813

    The Wooden Panel on the Reverse Side of Mirror bears the following Inscription in faded black Ink: “Napoleon I, Empereur des Francais a sa Belle Soeur La Reine De Westphalie, Paris 1808” Translation: From Napoleon I, French Emperor to his sister in law the Queen of Westphalia, Paris 1808.  

    A Large Front Drawer with Hidden Compartment, and with Carved wood stoppers. Key still present. The Bronze work is outstanding as expected. The pictures speak for itself. With Two Pullout Side Drawers. Marble Of the period with signs of hair cracks , hand carved , overall good condition. Losses, Cracks and signs of age on the original glass. You are welcome to send you professional to see it and inspect in person, to create a report.

    During the reign of Jerome Bonaparte in Westphalia a French architect and pupil of Percier, Grandjean de Montigny, re-furnished the castle of Kassel and the Palace known as Wilhelmshöhe , then temporarily known as Napoleonshöhe. Some of the furniture for these magnificent rooms was commissioned from Jacob-Desmalter.

    Jacob-Desmalter was the son of Georges Jacob and was Christened François-Honoré-Georges Jacob-Desmalter (1770–1841). He took the name Desmalter from a family property. He received the best training possible in his father’s workshop, which he took over on his father’s retirement and ran until 1835.

    Queen consort Katharina of Württemberg ( Princess Friederike Katharina Sophie Dorothea) was Queen consort of Westphalia by marriage to Jérôme Bonaparte “Napoleon's younger brother” , who reigned as King of Westphalia between 1807 and 1813.

    Katharina was born in Saint Petersburg, Russian Empire, to the later King Frederick I of Württemberg and his first wife, Duchess Augusta of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel. Her mother, who died when Katharina was five years old, was a sister of Caroline of Brunswick and a niece of King George III of the United Kingdom. After the death of Katharina's mother, her father married Charlotte, Princess Royal,  eldest daughter of George III and thus a first cousin of his first wife.

    In 1803, Württemberg entered into an alliance with France under Emperor Napoleon I, and one of the terms of the treaty was the marriage of Katharina with Jérôme Bonaparte, Napoleon's younger brother. The wedding was held four years later, on 22 August 1807, at the Royal Palace of Fontainebleau in France.

    Upon marriage, Katharina became Queen consort of the Kingdom of Westphalia. Reportedly, Katharina and Jérôme bonded strongly and had a happy marriage, remaining firmly attached to each other.

    When the kingdom of Westphalia was dissolved in 1813, she followed Jerome to France. During the war, she and Désirée Clary took refuge with Julie Clary at Mortefontaine, and when the allied troops took Paris, they took refuge in the home of Desirée Clary in the capital.

    Height: 64”  Width: 34”  Depth: 21”

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  • 19th C. Empire Console Table
    19th Century Empire Console / Table 
    In Mahogany With Gray Marble Top 

    Height: 33 1/2" 
    Width: 42 1/2" 
    Depth: 18" 

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  • Charles X Console Mid 19th C.
    Charles X Rosewood / Fruitwood Marquetry Console 
    Mid 19th Century 

    Height: 31" 
    Width: 38" 
    Depth: 19 1/2" 

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  • German Walnut Console
    South German Rococo Walnut Console 
    With Original Marble Top 
    Mid 18th Century 

    Height: 29"
    Width: 39"
    Depth: 20" 
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  • Italian Neoclassical Console
    Important Italian Ormolu Mounted, Painted And Partial Gilt Console In Mahogany
    19th Century. Rectangular Black Marble Top Colored Marble Border & Frieze 
    Depicting Diana Drawing A Horse-Drawn Chariot, Swan Supports, Rectangular 
    Platform On Turtles. 

    Height: 42 1/2" 
    Width: 46" 
    Depth: 22" 

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  • Stone Console
    18th Century Stone Ballustrades From Chateau De Villandry
    With 19th Century Stone Top 


    Height: 32" 
    Width: 78 1/2" 
    Depth: 20" 

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  • Venetian Rococo Gilt Painted Faux Stone Console Entry Table Office Desk Antique
    Height: 31 1/2"   Width: 55 1/2"  Depth: 26" Venetian Rococo Gilt Painted Faux Stone Console Entry Table Office Desk Antique . An exceptional large 18th century serpentine front and sides molded table console Desk 1700 -1799 With original Hand Painted Faux porphyry . The artist initiating with Excellence the Porphyry Stone which is a rare purple-red stone that was highly prized in antiquity for its distinct color and because purple was considered the imperial color, porphyry was regarded as royal , thus the Painter used his pallet to recreate the look of that Rare stone on this hand Carved beauty . A shaped pierced Frieze and ending in Scrolled Feet. This table can serve as a console in an entryway to place a bust and lamps and garniture . characterized by curved forms , lightness , comfort and incredible Carved details with unparalleled skill of the Artist on this Grand piece of Art

    Ornate and exuberant decoration , in the fashion called rocaille with an abundance of curves , counter-curves , undulations and elements modeled in nature . Even though The rocaille decoration is apparent yet it shows more discreet and restrained on this incredible table, simply due to the good taste and the sensitivity of the carver and the colorist who worked on it  . Giltwood with red and Soft blue green colors hand painted . Antique Dealer West Hollywood Melrose Ave La Cienega Blvd . The Colors of this Console Table are outstanding and original Exquisitely detailed with various cartouches ,Foliage with all Four elegant cabriole legs adorned with an abundance of rocailles motifs . No need to be connected to a wall since it could be free standing . Graceful and Majestic silhouette with beautiful patina . As a focal point in a Modern Midcentury Home or Old world Charm, this table is very versatile. If one to use it as a free standing desk, we know artists that could work on the “ Trompe l'oeil “

     It's the perfect Console for a grand bedroom or a great library or a foyer . this type of furniture were made for a palazzo and grand Villa . Venice, Italian Venezia city, major seaport , and capital of both the provincia (province) of Venezia and the regione (region) of Veneto, northern Italy. An island city, it was once the centre of a maritime republic. It was the greatest seaport in late medieval Europe and the continent’s commercial and cultural link with Asia. Venice is unique architecturally and historically and in its days as a republic the city was styled la serenissima (“the most serene” or “sublime”). The luminous spectacle of ornate marbled and frescoed palaces and domes reflected in the sparkling waters of the lagoon under a blue Adriatic sky has been painted and imitated in the furniture and art .

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